1st Day 8/12/2012 of Focus & Discipline Training

12 Aug

I put on a new pair of running shoes. They are yellow with pink laces and white soles. They are Reebok. They are special because today is the first day I have committed to running a marathon in 2013. Watching the Olympics 2012 was inspiring. I realized the only difference between my self and those competing is level of committment. I will not give the ‘excuse’ of age because that is a self imposed restriction. The point goes way beyond a metal and speaks of finishing what I start. I have turned off the television. If I can take that step one day at a time I do believe that will get me much further along. I need more time for my writing. Wehn I think I want to turn on the TV, that’s when I have to write. I am addicted to TV because it’s my company. If I want to see people, then instead of turning on the TV, I will walk outside. I didn’t buy chips today either. Instead I brought a roast chicken. Instead of buying cheese today I brought roast turkey from the deli at Ralph’s. I jogged today from Western and Russell to Sunset & Franklin to Hollywood Blvd. without stopping. It took about 40 minutes. I didn’t stop. The longer I jogged the stronger I felt. I like sweating. Makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I also did eat sardines before going out, right after I I brought Cino back from his morning walk. Each day is about getting better. Yesterday I watched on Netflix this documentary film on people preparing for and running the Chicago Marathon. I was so full of emotion, it felt right. Like something I should do. It was so emotional. I want that feeling and experience. I finished the Marathon in Baltimore in 1985. I know the feeling and I want it back. I can do it with only the Lord’s help. Not on my own. I am 61 years old. I am to set an example. I am the example. I am blessed. I won’t be stressed. I will succeed. Get away from the television. Write. Finish my memoir. Finish a screenplay and sell it. Run the 2013 Marathon in Los Angeles Ca. I will keep myself and you up to date on how I am doing.